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Sep 6, 2017

bulk parcel delivery


bulk parcel delivery, bulk delivery service

In our highly urbanized and corporate lifestyle, where no noun is more precious than ‘time’ and no verb is more celebrated than ‘run’. Cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurugram have become the hub of urbanization and golden mines for national and multi-national companies. These cities do not sleep, but yes, they dream through the eyes of people living in them and working hard to fulfill their desires and ambitions. Indeed, there is no key to success other than hardwork and many people have climbed the ladder of success through their dedication to their work and career. But at times, we lose ourselves to this dedication so deep that we have no time to think about the happiness that our near and dear ones rightfully deserve. There is so much work to do and no little time at hand.

  • What if a father fails to write to relatives, and invite them to his son’s wedding personally due to his hectic schedule? Should he be robbed off the satisfaction he rightfully deserves?
  • What if the corporates can’t find the reliable people to outsource their non-core activities? Should they trust anyone without any tracking?
  • What if a startup enters with a game-changer product or service in the market and doesn’t find the suitable way to reach out to the customers? Does that mean the idea of entrepreneurship is shattered?

There has to be a solution. There has to be a channel to bridge this inevitable gap. Meratask is a unique and a trustworthy pickup & drop delivery service that is provided with very hi-tech web and mobile app. technology. Meratask app is a very robust app with features like real time tracking, online invoicing etc. With over 1.2 lacs successful delivery services, Meratask has now entered the realms of bulk delivery services as well. Operating in Delhi-NCR, Meratask provides a very trustworthy and secured delivery service, without losing the real essence of emotions wrapped in the items to be delivered. Be it the bulk wedding invitation cards distribution or the corporate gifting services during festivals, Meratask team is always in the best of spirits. Meratask offers the customized corporate gifts for Diwali as per your requirements and budget considerations. Apart from gifting services, you can also get your corporate activities outsourced you for document deliveries, clothes delivery, gadgets delivery, books delivery or any other micro logistics. We are always providing our support to the budding startups that are on a lookout for reliable delivery services to reach out their clients. With a success rate of 97% successful deliveries, you can be assured of the safe and secured delivery services across Delhi-NCR.

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