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Delhi-Based start-up Merataskk wants you to say Goodbye to all your logistics Woes

May 13, 2019

Logistics, delivery service

Delhi-Based start-up Merataskk wants you to say Goodbye to all your logistics Woes

We live in times where the wheels of technological evolution are churning continually at an accelerated pace. Analysing the current scenario, Merataskk, a Delhi Delivery start-up is leveraging technological advancements to excel at their on demand delivery services.

The e-commerce industry is fuelling up the expectations of the customer, which are now dynamically changing. Whether it is an individual or a business, customers now expect a lot more than just the basic ‘right delivery at the right place in the right condition’. In an array of local courier services available today, timing plays a quintessential role. With everything readily available today, customers are accustomed to getting things without much waiting. Hence, logistics, the backbone of every industry vertical, has now become an important factor in the success of any enterprise. Start-ups are looking to partner with the ultra-fast delivery services for their urgent courier deliveries. Merataskk has been one of the start-ups which have played a pivotal role in the success of many such start-ups.

Started with an idea of document delivery service, Merataskk soon realised that there is a broader spectrum to this sector which is beyond the document pick up and deliver services. After more than three years of gradual success, Merataskk today offers to deliver anything: be it the medicines, mobile or laptop chargers, books, groceries, wallets, lunch box, gifts, and so on. You name it and we deliver it!

“There is a lot more to logistics than just getting things transported from point A to point B. Online tracking and regular updates along with the concept of one day delivery is what distinguishes us from the other players in the market”, says Piyush Tandon, founder of Merataskk. He adds, “As a hyper local micro logistic start-up, we believe in having a strong relationship with our customer base and are proud to be associated with more than 25,000 happy clients.”

The unprecedented rise of e-retail, supplemented by increased customer expectations has led to reinvent our delivery services for enhanced customer experience. Merataskk takes pride in providing better end-to-end solutions at a very affordable pricing. So, if you are also a start-up looking for a right delivery partner to accelerate your business, you have come to the right place. Contact us at 9717999666 for further details and we would be more than happy to assist you!

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