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Apr 28, 2017



Express Delivery Service

We live in times of extra ordinary uncertainty. Everything seems to be moving at a rapid pace and no matter where we are; we require quick and instant delivery services. These are turbulent times and all of us are pacing at miles per minute. Our abilities to patiently wait for things to reach us has gradually diminished and we need everything as soon as possible.

  • Left locker keys at home and can’t get out of office? Quick delivery service is the answer.
  • Want to pick up your clothes from your tailor but can’t leave your sick baby alone at home? All you require is an express delivery service to be at your rescue.
  • Want to reach airport on time and no time to pick up the reports you prepared overnight at your home? Nothing but urgent courier delivery can save you from losing on the important project you have been meticulously working on.

With the latest technologies and advent of smartphones, we have quick access to a plethora of things like never before. With just a few clicks, there are people at your service. At Meratask, we call them “Taskers”.

An enthusiastic team of people who put in their best to provide fast same day delivery services across Delhi-NCR. Urgent work usually requires quick actions and that’s where our taskers provide quick delivery services.

With a lot of logistics delivery on everyday basis, Meratask has become one of the leading Micro-logistics delivery platform and successfully completed approximately “1 Lac” urgent deliveries in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon etc. With a dedicated network of taskers spread across Delhi-NCR, Meratask provides one day delivery service to their clients as per their requirements. There have been instances where even one day delivery is not a solution, but where you require instant delivery services. To quote an example, one of our clients wanted to get his sports shoes picked up from his house and get it delivered within an hour at the sports academy. Such tasks require instant delivery services. Meratask understands the criticality of various situations and try to provide fast and quick delivery services.

So if you haven’t book a task already and find yourself stuck in a situation where you need assistance, Meratask is your ultimate solution!

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