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Hassle Free Life

Jun 22, 2016

Hassle Free Life

Hassle Free Life

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Life today runs faster than we could ever imagine. There is no pause button and we are always on the go. Keeping a perfect balance between work and personal life is rarely possible; and no matter how much you try, you tend to forget one or the other thing. So here we list down 6 things you tend to forget at your home and remember only on reaching office/work place.


Nothing tastes better than homemade food. And while you’re parking your car, you suddenly realise that you left your lunch again at your home.


You are all prepared for your meeting, all your pending work is completed and deadlines don’t bother you at all. But then you realise, even after completing all the work, you forgot to pick up your file from your desk and your entire day is screwed.


Mobile phones and wall clock show the same time, but you are so habitual of your wrist watch and a single day at work without it makes you feel incomplete. Every time you twist your wrist to check the time, you realize something important is missing


Technology runs in our blood in this digital era. We don’t have just a biological family today but a technological family as well. Laptops, Chargers, power banks, pen drives, hard disk are included here. And forgetting any of them makes you digitally paralysed.


You are the first one to reach office and only when you are supposed to unlock the door, you realize you don’t have the keys. Or the almirah/drawer keys and all the important stuff lies in there. And there is nothing to open those locks.


Your entire day involves sitting in front of your desktop and your eyes do not get a rest for a single minute. Your anti glare spectacles are a big relief in that case. But what if you forget that at your home?

While reading this, you realize all of them are such an important part of your life, and life can actually come to a standstill without any of them. MERATASK comes to your rescue for all your such problems. It is a very convenient pick and drop service across Delhi NCR, which picks the things you forgot at your place and delivers it to you in the nick of time. Our taskers are very efficient and have a thoroughly verified background so you can be sure that the item being delivered is entirely in secure hands. You can also track your item while the GPS locator and pay only after you receive your parcel safely. So no hassles now, we are there to keep your life in a flow without any glitch.

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