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How SMEs can get the most value out of Meratask same day delivery service

Sep 6, 2019

Delivery Service for Small and medium-sized enterprises

How SMEs can get the most value out of Meratask same day delivery service

Finding a reliable delivery partner that adds value and facilitates great customer service is vital for every small and medium-sized business.

If you wish to set your company apart from the competition and match the bigger players when it comes to offering the best possible delivery services to your customers, Meratask can play a pivotal role for your business!

Getting the most value out of booking the task is not only a question of getting an item delivered from point of origin to the end user as quickly as possible but minimising the expenditure throughout the transit should also be considered.

Why should SMEs outsource the delivery process?

If done right, SMEs can leverage the associated benefits to provide significant cost savings and operational advantages. Choosing a reliable logistics provider right from the start means that you do not have any running costs of managing an in-house fleet. It also means that there are fewer staff overheads to shoulder and you are less exposed to the fluctuations such as driver shortages and rising fuel costs. A third-party provider such as Meratask same day delivery service can add value immediately through more competitive rates along with increased operational flexibility and enhanced service options to suit the end-user.

Lesser operational risks

Critically, for SMEs, getting value out of the delivery operation is about reducing risk and increasing supply chain resilience against undulating levels of demand. Meratask offers a range of services such as real time tracking, online invoicing and an outstanding customer support to build a robust service. This helps build trust with end users and aids customer retention. With a logistics delivery partner, you can also manage the peaks and troughs of seasonal demand, again immediately adding value. Outsourcing also gives SMEs peace of mind, knowing their delivery partner is an expert in their field, allowing staff to focus on their core function and not become dragged into the fulfilment process.

Offer a quality service as your business grows

For most of the SMEs, outsourcing distribution makes perfect sense and offers great value for money. In an era of booming e-commerce, customer experience and service reliability are by far more important than any short-term planning. SMEs absolutely need a provider that can grow alongside their business and be ready as customer demands evolve. For many entrepreneurs, logistics is not their first area of expertise. They need a provider that has the depth of industry knowledge as well as proven processes on-hand.

How can Meratask help?

 Whether you are an e-commerce platform, or regularly sending important documents or other items to clients, Meratask upscales your business needs with an efficient delivery service. With an option of one day delivery services in areas such as Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad supported by full GPS tracking and real-time PODs, you can be assured of safety and reliability. If you’re interested to know more, head over to and find out more about how SMEs can get the most value from our delivery options.



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