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Merataskk’s Ultra-Fast Delivery Services: The first choice for “I want it now” Generation

May 3, 2019

ultra fast delivery

Merataskk’s Ultra-Fast Delivery Services: The first choice for “I want it now” Generation

Technology Takes a Quantum Leap to Future

We live in a completely revolutionized world where it is undoubtedly recognized that technology has become more of a necessity rather than a convenience. Significant improvements in technology over the last 20 years or so have perhaps made patience unnecessary in the modern world. Think about it, one can make credit card payments, get a taxi, talk to a friend across the world, or even check their mail – all of this online, right from their home, and within the matter of seconds. As technology grows, our behaviours change and adapt to the revolutionized world around us. The rapid technology growth has also impacted the micro logistics delivery sector in a great manner. At a time, when e-commerce is taking the world by storm, same day deliveries are vital for making a strong presence in the market.

Why Merataskk?

Client Diaries

Picture a situation like this. You book a cab, visit a place and forget your official phone in the cab! Terrible situation, isn’t it? One such incident happened with one of our clients Mr. Vinay Sharma from Faridabad. Read on what he has to say.

“I had to visit a temple early morning in Gurgaon for some custom rituals and then head for the office in Delhi. So, we started early in the morning. But in a hurry, I forgot my official cell phone in the cab itself. Panicked, I tried to call the customer care service to get the contact details of the cab driver. Luckily, I was able to contact him and the cab driver reassured that the i-Phone was safe with him. Going back was not an option as I was already running late for the office. So, I requested the cab driver to deliver the cell phone to his office but he demanded a whopping amount for the same. I thought for some alternate option and then googled about the same day delivery services in Delhi-NCR and found Merataskk! I called the customer care executive that told him clearly that I can’t afford to stay without my official cell phone for a long time and require ultra-fast delivery service. When asked about Merataskk fare, the charges were quite nominal. At 150 INR, I was able to book my task. Within two minutes my task was booked, and a tasker was assigned to pick up the cell phone from the given location. In less than three hours, the tasker managed to deliver the cell phone at my office. I was extremely happy with Merataskk services and would recommend it to everyone in my friend circle.”

Ultra-fast deliveries done the right way

At Merataskk, customer satisfaction is always the foremost priority and if we say we can provide ultra-fast delivery services, we prove it every single time. If you are also looking for urgent deliveries anywhere across Delhi-NCR, call 971799966 or download the Merataskk app today!

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