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Navratri Special: Scientific Benefits of Fasting and Delivery Services through Meratask

Sep 18, 2019

Scientific Benefits of Fasting

Navratri Special: Scientific Benefits of Fasting and Delivery Services through Meratask

Rich in colors, tradition, songs, and dance, Navratri is a great time for everyone to relax, turn inwards and recharge the self with great energy and zeal. It is one of the most significant festivals celebrated with great joy, enthusiasm and tradition in our Indian Culture. Associated with Goddess Durga, the nine days fasting ritual has a lot of religious significance and beliefs attached to it.

The Dynamics of Fasting

Symbolizing the victory of good over evil, worshipping and fasting during these nine days can really help you in cultivating a divine connection while paying reverence to all the nine goddesses dedicated to each day. Fasting during Navratri makes that inner journey towards bliss and joy easier to make. It reduces the restlessness of the mind and brings forth awareness and joy. Let’s uncover some scientific reasons behind Navratri fasting that can reassure the power of this universe and validate the logical threads.

  • Detoxify Your Self

From an Ayurveda perspective, eating foods like meat, grains, alcohol, onion, garlic etc. attract and absorb negative energies and should be strictly avoided during Navratri period. This is because our bodies tend to have low immunity and hence, we are more susceptible to fall sick. So, we fast and worship for cleansing and purification of our body, mind and soul, and maintaining the overall well-being, harmony and perfect balance.

  • Make Mindful Choices

Through fasting, any spiritual seeker can attain divine power for eternal happiness and bliss. Everyone aims for ultimate protection, clarity and power in this materialistic world. When we go for fasting, our digestive system is at rest providing us with better clarity and we feel the ease of lightness of our system. Fasting connects us to the divinity at a deeper level and helps us enjoy the calmness from within. Even on the logical grounds, fasting awakens our inner self as we drop all the negative energies within and come back to the center. There is also a great improvement in overall brain activities.

  • Cultivate Self Discipline

When we deny eating certain foods as mentioned above, we are breaking the pattern that we have been following from months or years. This comes as an instrumental change along with a positive intention and ignites a new self-discipline in our behavior. Also, the nine days in Navratri are referred to sins/devils that live inside our own mind and can be overcome by training ourselves in a way that enhances internal purification. The nine devils are as follows –

1) Kaam (Lust)

2) Krodh (Anger)

3) Lobh (Greed)

4) Moh (Attachment)

5) Ahankar (Ego)

6) Darr (Fear)

7) Irsha (Jealousy)

8) Jadta (Inertia)

9) Nafrat (Hate)

10) Paschataap (Guilty)

  • Enhance the Overall Wellbeing

Fasting, on a general note aids in weight loss much effectively than dieting. It is the safest way to shed those extra kilos and rebalance the structure of your body. It helps in improving your metabolism rate by burning calories effectively and also strengthens your immune system, thus enhancing more healing in your body. Lastly, fasting facilitates spiritual purification leading to a stronger willpower.

Food Delivery through Meratask

Now that we are clear with so many advantages of fasting, why not reap the benefits this Navratri? As you go for fasting, Meratask offers to deliver all the food and Puja related items for your fasting and worshipping. Simply visit or call us at 9717999666. For easier access, you can also download our mobile app and avail the festive services. We wish you a very happy and prosperous Navratri!



    gopal krishna September 21, 2019Reply

    Nice information. and super fast same day delivery service

    aryan September 22, 2019Reply

    Thanks for sharing nice information on Navratri fasting

    aryan September 22, 2019Reply

    Thanks for sharing nice information on Navratri fasting

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