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Person to Person Delivery Service

Apr 20, 2018

Person to Person Delivery Service

Person to Person Delivery Service

Person to Person Delivery Service

We live in a world of instant home deliveries. We hate to wait for anything that takes a long time to reach us. Pizza delivery? You have it on your door in just 30 minutes. So, why wait for other important things as well.

Earlier, courier services would take days to deliver your parcel. You could not keep a track of your order and did not know the exact status. This gap in micro logistics market sector required a major advancement. Understanding the need to come up with something innovative and reliable, Meratask came up with the idea of same day deliveries across Delhi-NCR. You would be wondering how is it possible?

The solid foundation on which Meratask has grown for over 2 years now, is a strong network of people who pick up and drop your important stuff at the required location. We rely completely on person to person delivery service. That means, one of the person from our company, usually known as a “Tasker”, would visit your place at the time convenient for you, pick up the items to be delivered, and then finally deliver it to your destination. It could be deliveries from home to office or any other specific location. You can send important documents like cheques, letters, or other important stuff like clothes, gadgets, medicines, non perishable food items, and much more. You can be assured of safe, secure and timely delivery because these people we hire, are thoroughly verified before hiring.

Sometimes you require a personal service to send or receive something important like a passport or a cheque but don’t have the time to do it yourself. You can’t delegate such important task to a normal courier service. In such cases, trust Meratask to deliver your items personally and professionally. If you are an eCommerce startup and finding a reliable person to person delivery service, look no further than Meratask for all your delivery requirements.

Person to person delivery service is highly convenient and hassle free. You can also track your order status if you book your task through Meratask App. Meratask makes sure your parcel reaches your place on the very same day. With over 11,000 registered clients, Meratask is becoming a leading brand for person to person delivery service, so why do you want to stay behind? Download the Meratask App and book your first task!

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