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Sep 27, 2016



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Decorations – check.
Catering – check.
Cake order – check.
Birthday invitations – check.
Mrs. Kaushik checked her to-do list for the final time. She wanted everything to be as per her plan. It was her daughter’s tenth birthday party and she had been really excited for the same. She promised her daughter to make this birthday – a grand celebration. Mrs. Kaushik decided to leave early for the venue location to see the necessary arrangements being made. In a rush, she forgot to pick her saree that she was supposed to wear in the evening. It was at this moment, she panicked. Going back to pick up the dress was not exactly that she could do, so she searched for the alternative help online. That’s when, she booked an enquiry on Meratask and contacted one of the taskers. In a confused state, she asked if he can pick up the dress from her residence and deliver it to the venue location in maximum of three hours. The tasker assured her of the same and recommended her to inform someone at home who would be available at home to hand over the dress to him.
Eventually, before any guests reached the venue, the Tasker of the Meratask reached the venue with the dress that was requested by Mrs. Kaushik. She was delighted with the services and with the timely delivery, she could be her best at her daughter’s birthday party.

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