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Oct 4, 2016



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The outbreak of mosquito borne disease Chikungunya has witnessed a spike in DELHI-NCR this year. The upsurge of the mosquito monster disease has taken Delhi’s hospitals by surprise and this unpreparedness is painfully evident. The acute shortage of beds in the hospitals has added to the patients’ woes. It takes a plenty of medical tests to diagnose the actual cause of the viral fever.
One such case happened with our client Suresh, whose brother was suffering with extreme joint pain and a soaring fever. Even after trying in four hospitals, they couldn’t get him admitted in any of them, given the shortage of beds.
Finally on their  fifth try, they got an availability in one of the hospitals. Early morning, his brother was rushed to the hospital. They had to submit his medical reports and in a hurry, they forgot to carry along the same.

The incident was reported at Meratask which required the team to deliver the medical documents to Suresh’s brother. These are the kind of critical situations in life where one is in a state of urgency and delaying the work is not acceptable. He requested the medical reports to be delivered to him at the hospital on an urgent basis.

Meratask was on their feet and made the necessary arrangements as soon as possible, picked the medical documents from the client’s home and delivered it on time to his brother.
The timely delivery by Meratask saved a lot of time for his brother as he had the documents ready and need not wait for the other appointment.

This drives Meratask to keep its army strong and intact and help make a difference to the lives of the people!

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