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#Task of the Week

Oct 12, 2016

#Task of the Week

#Task of the Week

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In a country like India, Cricket is not just a game. It is a religion. A religion where cricketers are Gods and every victory is a festival. One can find kids playing cricket in every nook and corner of the country. It’s no wonder that taking cricket as a career has become a dream of many kids today. The aspirants start their learning experience at a very young age by joining a professional sports academy or club dedicated to cricket.

One such young aspirant – Mukul, has been taking his regular training at Yamuna Sports Complex, Delhi. He makes sure to go for his practice sessions everyday and not miss on the coaching given by the trainer. One particular day, he forgot to pick up his sports shoes as he reached the academy straight from his school.


Since, he wanted to warm up and continue with his exercises; he couldn’t afford to waste his time by going back to his house. Also, he had a qualifying match for the selection in the Zonal tournaments in a couple of hours. Hence, he had to perform at his very best in order to get selected. His friend suggested him about the Meratask services to get back his pair of sport shoes without actually leaving the ground. Amused by the services he just heard of, he made an enquiry on Meratask asking the team to collect his shoes from Anand Vihar and deliver it to him as soon as possible.

The team took an instant action regarding the query received. In less than one hour, they picked up his shoes from his house and delivered it to him at the sports complex before his actual match session. Delivering the shoes before the designated time period, Mukul was delighted by the services offered. Meratask is a highly dedicated team which ensures timely delivery so that you can continue your work smoothly. The mission remains to provide convenient services to the clients and make their lives easier! In this case, the mission was to help an enthusiastic kid’s dream of getting through with the selection process, turn into a reality.

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