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Sep 12, 2016



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Meratask cares for you



It’s a common mentality amongst the general Indian population that once kids settle abroad, they tend to forget their parents back home. Unfortunately, they are not wrong, as there have been numerous instances of sons and daughters losing touch with their parents and their loved ones as they go abroad and join the professional rat race where coming last is not an option.

However, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining, and Meratask was fortunate enough to witness one of those beautiful moment of a son fulfilling his duty towards his parents, even though they were separated by thousands of miles. We received a Web booking from Mr. A staying far away in Singapore. He knows his responsibilities well and doesn’t let his work life hinder his commitment towards his parents. He requested us to buy the medicines for them which they are supposed to take on a regular basis. When given this task, our Tasker ABC confirmed the medicines twice just to be sure, as he couldn’t afford to go wrong. Unlike the usual orders, our Tasker made sure to personally visit the pharmacy and buy the medicines. He delivered the medicines to Mr. A’s parents much before the stipulated time period. Once he reached their place, the parents were awestruck and were curious to know about the sender of the medicines. The answer they received from the Tasker was more than enough to move them to tears.

Meratask is proud to have an effecient team of Taskers like ABC who make sure to complete their task by keeping the customers happy and delighted with their services.

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