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Jan 9, 2018

Urgent Delivery in Delhi


urgent delivery services

As the steady rise of E-Commerce pushes Logistics Companies and their retail partners to deliver more parcels – faster, quicker and speedy delivery is becoming a major competitive advantage. To meet consumer’s growing demand for faster and urgent delivery services, many entrepreneurs and corporates are on a lookout for reliable Logistics Delivery Partner who can provide Same Day Delivery Services. Leveraging local, nonprofessional couriers to get packages to customer’s doors cannot be always trackable and hence not reliable.

To satisfy consumer’s growing demand for quick and urgent delivery services, Meratask has emerged as a leading Intracity Micro Logistics Delivery Platform. Operating in all the major cities of Delhi-NCR, Meratask is gaining popularity for its reliable same day delivery services. Younger consumers, in particular, who have grown up in a digital and on-demand economy have high expectations for fast and quick delivery services. Understanding the varied demands of the consumers like delivering documents, books, gadgets, clothes, shoes, gifts, handmade chocolates – Meratask delivers it all across Delhi-NCR. The generation now a days cannot wait long for receiving their order and hence are on a search of on-demand delivery services.

Unlike other courier services, Meratask solves the problem of regular pick up and drop delivery very easily and conveniently. Your item of delivery is picked up from your house or office and delivered to the given address in a single day. Isn’t it great? You need not wait for days to receive your parcel when you can get it on the very same day!!!

The pick up and drop delivery startupMeratask follows an easy blueprint for executing all the deliveries:

  • Once a task is booked on Meratask Delivery App—either by the customer or a retailer—the delivery is assigned to one of the taskers using the app.
  • After the order is picked and packed, the assigned item of delivery is delivered to the recipient, using his or her own vehicle. The recipient can track the order throughout using the feature of GPS tracking.
  • The recipient then receives the order in a limited timeframe of a single day and confirms that the order has been safely delivered. The recipient also receives the online invoice of the task and the tasker receives compensation for the successful completion of the task.

To book your task, log on to or download the Meratask app now. You can also call on 9717999666 and place your orders.


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