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Your ultimate guide to Wedding Gifts for your loved ones

Nov 25, 2020


Your ultimate guide to Wedding Gifts for your loved ones

Your ultimate guide to Wedding Gifts for your loved ones

It’s that big time of the year again.The much awaited wedding season is here!!! Wedding invitation cards, e-invites must be pouring in from your friends, family and colleagues. Somewhere someone is soon going to celebrate the grandest events of their lives.. As a close acquittance to the groom/bride, make sure you make the wedding season 2020 a memorable one.

We believe as you go for any wedding, it’s important to put some thought into a wedding gift for the couple. Sometimes, buying wedding gifts in India can be stressful and exhausting. How do you make sure you buy something that will not end up getting returned or collecting dust in the couple’s basement? At Meratask gifting, we believe that the wedding gift for a couple is an extension of your love and appreciation for the soon-to-be husband and wife. To help you in your search, we have curated a wedding gifting guide for a perfect gift that is sure to please to the newly wedded couple.

  1. Think about your estimate budget

Firstly, you should be considering a budget for purchasing a wedding gift for your near and dear ones. Talk to your friends and relatives and see if you wish to purchase something distinct in a limited budget, or do you want to pool in together spend a little extra on that pricey wedding gift? Answering these questions will give you clarity on the purchases you can make and keep you from overspending.

  1. Think about the relationship you have with the couple

Are you a close family member, or a distant family relative, an office co-worker or a school/ college friend – whatever the bond you have with the couple, think and recollect all the memories with them.The bond you share with a newly married couple play a vital role in selecting a gift. Just think of all the memories you have, and find a gift that might bring a big smile on their face as they unwrap the present!

  1. Think about any particular gift the couple always wanted

Sometimes you know the newly wedded couple is shifting to a new place, or there is a certain dream  to buy something that they never could. You should always ponder over such points prior to purchasing anything for a newlywed couple. If you know exactly what’s the need of the hour, then make your best efforts to give them that precise thing as a wedding gift!

These are the top 3 tips that can help you find the perfect gift for couples who are about to get married.


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