Frequently Asked Questions


What is meratask?
Meratask is a unique convenience pickup & drop delivery service which is provided with very hi-tech web and mobile app. technology.

Who all can use the services?
Any individual/non-individual or corporate who has some task in mind and have no time to perform them, can use our services.

Do I need to register on your website/ app. to book a Task?
Yes, registration process on our portal is quiet easy and convenient which facilitate your bookings further. You can also add frequently used locations as favourite places.

How & when will I receive the confirmation of my booking?
Immediately after placing the order, you will receive the confirmation of Order placed into our system. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a message consisting Tasker Name and Number.

Where is the service currently available?
Currently we are operating in Delhi-Ncr and soon planning to launch Pan India.

What if I cancel a task after booking it?
Cancellation charges Rs.100 (Rupees Hundred) will be applicable.

What items I cannot send?
Any illegal items (arms, ammunitions, illegal drugs, etc), cash, perishable, fragile and other valuable items.

Can only people living in Delhi-Ncr use meratask?
Anybody sitting anywhere in India/ abroad can book our services to be picked up and dropped in Delhi-Ncr. Shipment can be tracked live on GPS based smart phones.

What are the Operational Hours?
9am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday)

What is baggage allowable limit?
The allowable limit is up to 5 kgs per task and 15X15X20 Inches of size

Do you undertake cash/valuables pick-drop?
Strictly no to cash, medicine without prescription, illegal items (arms, ammunitions, illegal drugs, etc), perishable, fragile and other valuable items etc.

Will the Taskers bring their own packaging material?
Basic packaging will be done by client in front of our Tasker and outer packaging will be provided by our Tasker if required.

What if Taskers arrives late?
We try our best to ensure our Taskers reach our customers on time. But in case of unreasonable delays, do call us and we will help you out by providing an alternate Tasker.

Where do I contact if I need to bulk multi tasks?
Contact customer care for more than 2 tasks at a go.

What Tasks can be performed through Meratask?
All pick and drop related task will be covered by us. E.g. documents pickup - delivery, Gifts delivery, and many more.

How can a Task be booked?
Tasks can be booked by through our website (www.meratask.com) or mobile App. (available on Google play, IOS App store) .

Why to trust meratask to deliver my parcels?
We are having a team of trusted and reliable Taskers whose credibility is checked through proper and complete background verification.

How do I know when the task gets completed?
After completion of Task, you will receive a notification on your mobile app. & a sms on your mobile confirming task completion.

What are the city limits for Delhi-Ncr?
These city limits are mentioned in booking form with the specified locations we serve.

What if my packet lost in transit?
We try our level best to handle each and every packet at our end. Each task is valuable to us, and we try to deliver them safely to the destination but in case of any loss in transit, mis-delivery, damage or any consequential losses we are liable up to Rs.500 (RupeesFive Hundred) per task only.

Is the service cost effective?
Service is very cost effective; we provide you solution, which not only save your precious time but also provide value for hard earn money.

How do we make payment?
All services are pre-paid. We offer various payment modes, like Net banking, Credit card, debit card, E-wallets.

Do you offer Cash on Delivery (COD) services?

What if my parcel exceeds 5kgs limit?
Overweight charges applicable( Rs.100 (Rupees Hundred)per 5 kgs) Final decision on how much weight can be carried is of Meratask.

Are there any waiting charges?
Waiting charges applicable after 30 minutes on reaching both pickup and delivery destination. Rs.100 (Rupees Hundred) per 30 minutes will be charged from the customer.

Till what time can I book for same day delivery?
Bookings done till 6 PM will be considered for same day delivery and bookings after 6PM shall be execution next day

What if Taskers doesn't arrive after booking confirmation?
In case the Tasker you booked doesn't show up even after confirmation, we will offer you the other Tasker; else full refunds will be made.

What if I want to book two Tasks at a go?
You can book at one go; it will be considered and charged as two different tasks.