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Same Day Delivery in Ghaziabad

A city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad is also referred as the "Gateway of UP" because of its close proximity to New Delhi. It is a part of the National Capital Regionof Delhi. Recent construction works and metro lines have led to the city being described by a survey as the second fastest-growing in the world. New residential societies, premium educational institutes and booming industries have made this city quite popular in last few years. In spite of major developments, commutation, safety and security are the areas which needs to be keenly acknowledged and improved. People in this city still not feel safe while travelling in the odd hours of the day. It is not only difficult for people to commute in this city due to the lack of proper sign boards and safety reasons, it is also quite troublesome for them to sendtheir parcels, gifts, documentsor such other things across this city personally.
This inconvenience of the people has been observed and acknowledged by a renowned company, Meratask. It specializes in micro logistics delivery services across this city. The dedicated team of Meratask work relentlessly to provide the Ghaziabad people more easy and comfortable life by providing them the facility of secure, seamless and same day delivery services in affordable cost.

1. Document Delivery

A document is apiece of written or printed matter of information and is of great significance. In the era of advance technologies, though most of the things have moved online, there are certain circumstances where you need to present your documents. The team of Meratask is committed to deliver your crucial documents to the destined places across Ghaziabad with the facilities like urgent and seamless delivery.

2. Gadgets Delivery

Today the life seems to be incomplete without the gadgets. With Meratask, the gadgets like cell phones, laptops, chargers, etc. can be delivered safely and securely in your office in case you fail to carry them from home.

3. Wedding Card Delivery

Wedding ceremony is one of the most auspicious occasions in an individual’s life, be it a man or a woman. Amongst numerous tasks listed in your diary, sending invitation cards to your near and dear ones hold an important place. It requires a lot of timeand effort to deliver these invitation cards to your loved ones. With the support of Meratask team, this burdensome task has become trouble-free as it offers the service of seamless delivery of wedding cards across the city and that’s to on the same day. Isn’t that sounds interesting!!

4. Parcel Delivery

Sending parcels like Diwali gifts, invitation cards, sweets, etc. to different people across Ghaziabad is a time-consuming process. Meratask providesthe safest, urgent and same day delivery service across this city. With all these, it also offers the bulk delivery service.

5. Gifts Delivery

Gifts are the important part of human interaction which help in strengthening bonds with the family members and friends. With Meratask, delivery of gifts to your near and dear ones have become easy. Meratask team is committed to deliver the gifts at the destined places urgently and securely. So, surprise your beloved ones and make them feel more special with the express delivery service of Meratask.

5. E-commerce Delivery

How fast do you deliver your e-commerce orders? Is your delivery service reliable? Urgent and secure delivery is becoming increasingly important for online shoppers. A negative shipping experience can tremendously affect your business. It can affect not only your brand image but also your customer loyalty. It is found that a good delivery experience would encourage the customers to shop with a retailer again. Still pondering to improve your delivery services? Connect with Meratask and give a new edge to your e-commerce business. Meratask team is committed to take allyour delivery responsibilitieson its shoulder and give you the assurance of seamless, urgent and reliable pick-up and delivery services.

5. Medicine Delivery

Medicines are used to cure or prevent diseases. What if the required medicines are not reaching the needy patients on time?Meratask plays an important role in picking up the medicines from the places requested by you and delivering the same medicines to the concerned people on time.As medicines are not available with the Meratask Team, they only take the responsibility of delivering the medicines. One must say, the reliable and express delivery service of Meratsask has made the lives of Ghaziabad people tension-free in terms of medicine delivery.

Currently Meratask pickup and delivery services is available at pin codes 201001, 201002, 201004, 201005, 201007, 201009, 201010, 201011, 201012, 201013, 201014, 201016, 201017. We will soon expand our service area in Ghaziabad.